Creative learning at South Bank Engineering UTC

The curriculum provides a broad, general education alongside strong technical learning and skills training. The focus on learning in a real-world context provides an alternative to the approaches offered by traditional schools and one that is designed and delivered in partnership with employers and London South Bank University. The approach to learning is very powerful and prepares students for their transition into university or employment far better than many schools.

Core learning in subjects such as mathematics and science, does not take place in isolation but is increasingly integrated with technical learning and set in the context of engineering in the building and health sectors. The clear line of sight to these practical engineering contexts will be the hallmark of the UTC. The practical application of students’ learning at the UTC is explicit and students know that their learning will be highly valued.

Literacy, numeracy, values and employability skills are delivered across the curriculum, with students able to articulate and develop skills in key areas valued in the economy. These skills include project management, timekeeping, teamwork, leadership and communication in addition to the technical skills necessary to thrive in a STEM career.

The taught curriculum is supplemented by powerful enrichment and professional qualifications; students will have a wide range of experiences and capabilities to draw on when considering their next steps.