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We think differently

Most schools operate to give students qualifications so as to open up multiple pathways in front of them. As a UTC in South London, we think differently. We have identified that there are skills shortages in high value areas such as engineering for building and health. We have worked with employers to create a UTC whose way of working is to address those specific needs in high-value career areas.

In many ways we operate on familiar principles: we are accountable to the government for our results, we are inspected by Ofsted and we deliver traditional GCSE and A level subjects alongside technical subjects. We do not charge fees and we are not selective. We hire the highest-quality staff and make sure the quality of teaching is second to none.

On top of this we are able to offer employer-led projects and challenges that are great preparation for the real-world challenges faced in the workplace. These projects and challenges are developed with our employer partners and delivered in collaboration with them. We have access to unrivalled facilities and technology and our students are involved regularly in engaging, real-life work out of reach of those at conventional schools.

We know that moving your child to a new school for the start of Year 10 is a risk. Many students in Year 9 have established strong relationships with staff and students at their current schools, and are making good progress towards GCSEs in Year 10. International research tells us, however, that beginning a specialist, vocationally driven curriculum at 14 can be highly beneficial. Our deep links with highly engaged, high-profile employers give our students real opportunities. The chance to work hands-on on practical projects using cutting-edge equipment and technology is an opportunity not afforded to many young people before university.

The UTC welcomes students aged between 14 and 19. The students who choose us are highly motivated and keen to learn in an environment run along the lines of the most successful businesses. The UTC offers outstanding, personalised care and development for our students. We build strong, supportive teams of students and nurture the development of skills and character.

Our location in Brixton is a real asset, with excellent transport links and access to London’s world-class facilities within easy reach. We understand that many of our students will travel from further than they might at a conventional school, so the working day is longer but homework is not normally set.

We know that the academic curriculum is important. We also know, however, that students will need to gain skills more widely so as to become as employable as possible. To this end we have a relentless focus on personal growth and development. All students are given high-quality input on how to make the very best of themselves, whether that be interview techniques, public speaking or CV writing guidance, for example. South Bank Engineering UTC is not a conventional school. It is School Plus.

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In line with every other state school, South Bank Engineering UTC is inspected by Ofsted. Once we are inspected, a copy of the Ofsted report will be published here, and a link will be available to the main Ofsted website.


The chance to work hands-on on practical projects using cutting-edge equipment and technology is an opportunity not afforded to many young people before university.