Saturday ‘Taster’ Morning

CNC Manufacture2CNC ManufactureIntro to programmingRobotic Challenge2

Fifty of our prospective students signed up to join us in September sacrificed their weekend lie-in to participate in a variety of STEM related challenges and taster lessons on Saturday 22nd April.

We started the morning with a session on ‘Communication for the Modern World’, pitting teams against one another in a debate on the pros and cons of modern technology.  Mr Errington’s ‘Robotic Challenge’ saw students programming a robotic arm, Mr Affram showed students how science feeds into medical engineering and Mr Pasini’s CNC session, also involving a demo of the machinery, was a popular choice with students.  Many of the students came out of Mr Martin’s Introduction to Programming session feeling a sense of achievement, having initially felt apprehensive about the task ahead of them.

Feedback has been incredibly positive with students telling us that it has really allayed any fears they have about moving into their more advanced Sixth form studies in September.  Year 10 students all said they felt it was really nice to meet their new peers and bond with them in advance of commencing a new school.

We are looking forward to hosting our prospective students at the Virtual Engineering Suite at South Bank University at the end of June and then taking them on a tour of our new building in July.

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